Ecopsychology qualifications

• I’ve been training with the Natural Academy since 2018, completing my foundation course in ecopsychology and nature based facilitation in 2019. I’m now studying for my advanced pathway in ecopsychology (equivalent to a traditional diploma in counselling).

These ecopsychology training and qualifications are the first of their kind to be academically accredited in the UK, through the Open College Network.

Natural Academy ecopsychology studentsThe Natural Academy class of 2019 pose for a group selfie.

• I’ve completed my levels 2 and 3 in person centred counselling at Brighton Metropolitan College.

• I’ve done Earthwalks training with Jon Cree.

• As well as setting up Wild Wellbeing I also work for an organisation called Sacred Earth, where I help run a range of events and workshops.

My latest project at Sacred Earth is called Wild Wellbeing. It’s a growing nature-connection community where we meet monthly for a day on the land. We do ecotherapy practices, forest bathing, mindfulness, bodywork, earth care and horticultural activities.

Sacred Earth's lake is a useful tool for ecopsychologyThe lake at Sacred Earth often plays a role in mindfulness exercises.

Before I retrained in ecotherapy, I worked in journalism and communications for 25 years. I have a BA(Hons) in English and an MSc in design science.

A lifetime spent working as a communicator has definitely helped in my transition to ecotherapy. It taught me about active listening, how to ask the right questions and how to make someone you’ve only just met feel comfortable in your presence.

You can read a bit more about my personal journey here.

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